Open Letter of the Week: Live for Live Music


All the loyal readers of this site know that we at LTTFL love live music.  In fact, some would argue it is the thing we love most and what inspired us to make this blog.  Of course we love local bands and seeing shows with other locals.  HOWEVER, by no means do we “live 4” it…

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Jazz Fest 2017 Weekend 2 Primer

Jazz Fest 2017 Weekend 2 Primer

As longtime readers of this site, you probably know that we’ve been to Jazz Fest more than a few times.  As such, we felt obligated to give all our loyal readers some tips and advice for the upcoming weekend whether you’re a rookie or a vet like me (yes i did hear little feat totally mail in “dixie chicken” from my mother’s womb in 1990).  We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you get through the weekend like a true local. Continue reading