Who Dat Team Dat’s Actually Good?


Many loyal readers have asked me recently: hey midcitizen504 the saints are really good this year did you know dat they are good?  Well as a true New Orleans Local I am too busy too busy seeing live music or drinking a beer in my canoe when my street floods to care about sports that sometimes make you said and/or physically(sp?) in-jured.  However, part of defending NOLA is telling everyone the saints are good so here is my take about the saints football team.

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October 7, 2017 Events Preview: Hurricane Nate

StormSummer is gone and its tourist season again in NOLA which sucks but that means its only kind of insanely hot and there are alot of cool events coming up on the calender.  NOLA is full of all kinds of activity’s but also some rare events that only happen once or twice a year.  Today we’d like to preview one of those events for are loyal readers so you know what to expect.  Here is are preview of hurricane Nate.

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Running of the Decadent White Dresses: New Orleans Summer Event (p)Review

Next Pope Cardinal-Burke Cappa-Magna-Featured

Meny of are readers halve been asking recently: where has Mid Citizen gone.  Is he sitting on his porch in humidity so oppressive he cant right his columns?  Are the street’s around his house flooded making it impossible for him to get a beer from Pal’s accept by way of canoe?   The answer is its august in NOLA so obviously yes.  Anyways clearly we can handle are shit better than the NOSWB pumps becuase weve managed to come up for air long enough to give you a guide to New Orleans’ summer offering.

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Politics Update: Mitch Landrieu Should Replace Confederate Monuments With Statues of Apprentice Winners

Bill and DonaldKendra-Todd

Are loyal readers no that we at LTTFL NOLA try to stick to music and entertainment advice.  However, they also know that in order to be a true local in this city, you have to have unreasonably strong takes on local politics and government policies (fence sitters can go wipe their asses with OPP barb wire).

As such, we were forced to propose this plan to Mayor Landrieu on what to do with the former confederate monument sites, but we think he’d be wise to listen to this foolproof idea.

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Open Letter of the Week: DJ Soul Sister


This Saturday marks a bittersweet occasion for us at LTTFL, many New Orleans locals, and all of are loyal readers.  In the vary moment this is being written, DJ Soul Sister is performing her last regular “Hustle” party at Hi Ho Lounge in the Marigny.  It is sweet because we agree with are friend Soul Sister: it is time for her too move on two bigger and better things (aka events not overrun with geeked out brolane students), but its bitter because this has always been one of are favorite events and has introduced us to great music and some of our favorite local venues.  On this occasion, we’d be remiss not to pay tribute to are inspiring friend DJ Soul Sister.

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Open Letter of the Week: College Kids


All the loyal readers of this site know that we at LTTFL aren’t exactly huge fans of overgroomed chads and jakes from westchester infiltrating are beloved live music venues.  But this weekend marks the graduation and departure of another group of pastel-wearing normies, and we’d be re-miss if we didn’t mark the occashun with a warm congrats.

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