Khris Royal & Dark Matter Tour Stop #92: Portland, OR (AKA ACE Hotel New Orleans)


Ok folks, we apologise to the loyal readers for being unactive for so long.  But, all locals no that summer is the slow season in NOLA, so get over it.

Anyway, we’ve been following local saxaphone demigod Khris Royal for a while now, and this Friday we decided to check him out at a new venue, 3 keys at the Ace Hotel.


Of course like us, all are loyal readers have known about Khris since he was born right hear in New Orleans, but for those who are less familiar (and for some reason found you’re way to this site), he has national fame as a touring member of Rebelution in addition to his local clout.  In fact, after playing at several Cannabis Cups and 420 fests with Rebelution, his hairstyle inspired the current white-guy-with-dreads epidemic that has plagued music communities nationwide.

Anyway, on this night, Khris was playing with his band Dark Matter with special guest, friend, and local Nigel Hall.  The two legends and the rest of there band shared a cramped stage as they played scorchers like the joint track “step children” (4th song 1st set).  The room was definitely feeling a little funky, but as the old saying goes, you can take the hotel chain out of the pacific northwest, but you cant take the pacific northwest out of the hotel chain.  As such, their were plenty of richsters (rich hipsters) standing around hands-in-pockets nursing $12 jin drinks with no regard for the musical prowess they were witnessing.

The band retook the stage after a quick set break to find that any mildly attractive woman had left the venue in an uber XL headed for lucies surfer bar.  Remaining was an old dude in a tye-die shirt, another old dude with glasses and a faded craft brewery shirt, Khris’ mother, and yours truly.  Needless to say, although the crowd was sparse, it was much funner to share the experience with some people that could actually take some time to listen to the lyrics.  The band played heaters non stop until even the locals had faded and left the room.  Highlights included the classic “Big Booty Express” (5th song 1st set), and a lot of songs involving some kind of electric clarinet (most of 2nd set).

Overall, Khris lived up to his billing as a local sax legend.  Ace hotel hipsters just need to set a reminder on there CRYphones to LISTEN!!

Music: A- (could use more electric winwood machine)

Venue/crowd: 23/100



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