The Worlds Biggest Kentucky Derby Party: Jazz Fest Weekend 2 Recap

383968_1[5]To all our readers that went to jazz  SHELL fest this weekend: nice fedora buddy.  now go back to telling your teach for america girlfriend how you cried even harder at Tank and the Bangas than you did when you watched they’re tiny desk.


To anyone still reading, LTTFL is here to fill its fidushiary duty to the loyal readers and fill them in on what they missed during the second weekend of jazz SHELL fest.  I will be sharing musical highlights, my favorites foods, and thoughts on the event (spoiler: LESS DAVE).

note: as everyone probably knows i drained my wallet on late night shows so LTTFL was only able to attend one day of actual jazz SHELL fest.

Best Music (Fest)

As usual, everyone pretty much mailed it in.  but we must admit with all the talent present you’re bound to catch a few choice sets.  these are them.

Tank and the Bangas

This blog has a lot of respect respect for Tank and her band.  Don’t know why they have three dudes on keys but hey you gotta have some kind of gimmick to get on public radio these days.  Anyway, this band has a lot of creativity and experiments with sound in ways most of their “woke” fans couldn’t have even imagined that time they ate a mushroom cap at there friends cabin in Vermont.  Their kinda like a mix between the entire electric forest lineup (unless this is one of the years tiesto is playing).  Anyway, this blog is a fan of this band because they are doing great things for the city and really giving the young kids in this city some hope for once.

As for their set, well, they had some unitarded dancers throwing balls and counterfeit money around that seemed to spook some of the visor moms (try seeing a motherfucking String Cheese concert, lady), but it was an interesting visual with the music and shows this band will continue to push the envelope.  Played mostly the same songs LTTFL heard the last time we saw them (and the time before that).  Their music kinda makes you wanna get fucked up but then kinda makes you feel bad about crushing half a pint of Early Times while wearing “house of blues NOLA” shirt in the back row of there crowd.  Overall: B+

Stevie Wonder

Didn’t see a minute of this – to busy picking sea food au gratten out of my teeth while all of your step parents duked it out for prime blanket space a half mile from the stage.  Mostly putting this hear to educate everyone on Stevie Wonders GIMMICK.  Overall: 3 stars

Irma Thomas

What an amazing woman.  We saw her at the Nyx lineup and said “hey Irma!” and she looked over at us.  needless to say we loved every song she played and sang every word because we know all the songs.  What an inspirational woman.  Overall: Incredible


All the Loyal Readers know that we at LTTFL hasn’t missed a year of jazz SHELL fest since we heard first heard Cissy Strut from our mothers womb in ’90. As such, weve gotten used to some of our favorite acts totally mailing it in when they hit the big stage.  So awhile back we decided to channel most of are money/time/energy into exploring the many LOCAL food options represented.  Here are our top picks from this year.


Don’t remember the name of this place, had the same stuff as all other vietnamese restaurants.  People forget that Vietnamese food is actually basically the 2nd local cuisine of New Orleans (ever heard of the West Bank?).  Good spring roll, vermichelli, and grilled skewers.  No line, so we didn’t have to hear some houston lardo ask what vermichelli is.

Prejans Quail and Pheasant Gumbo

This is the real deal everyone.  If youve ever eaten at acme oyster shack turn back now DO NOT TRY THIS!  This is only for locals who can handle some REAL cajin cooking.  You dont get pheasant in youre gumbo every day, and for those of us that don’t want to drive to a True Detective whore house to get this gumbo, jazz SHELL fest is our yearly chance to try it.


Here is a list of some brief thoughts from the event.


  • NO MORE DAVE!!  As if the fedora wasnt bad enough, dave matthews is always shore to have his backwards hatted fanbros violating the geneva convention by poisoning the crowd second hand smoke from their camel lights.
  • Crawfish bread is pretty much pizza.
  • Nice hat buddy.
  • The jazz  SHELL fest sign is actually a gate.  KEEP IT MOVING.
  • Closing your eyes at a Tank and the Bangas concert won’t make people think you “get it.”  everyone knows you went to private school.

I hope everyone enjoyed jazz fest as much as we did.  Stay tune for extended coverage of some late night shows



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